December 17, 2007

Ritual Sacrifice and socialised healthcare

This is a perfect example of the evils spawned by ideologies that view equality of material outcome not as a means to alleviate suffering but as an end in itself. If I am a patient in Britains Soviet style centralised health machine. I am not allowed to top up the cost of my state subsidised health care with my own money to pay for additional treatments which the bureaucracy has been unable to fund.

The Department of Health said: “Co-payments would risk creating a two-tier health service and be in direct contravention with the principles and values of the NHS.”

In other words the Great Socialist God Egalitarius demands blood sacrifice.

This is worse than the idiotic screwups, bureaucratic incompetence and a lack of imagination that are par for the course with all state run enterprises.

This is suffering by design. The system deliberately pursues a policy that causes more people suffer needless pain and suffering, fully aware of the consequences.

Preventable suffering and death that could be alleviated at no additional cost to the state are deliberately allowed to continue, in order to ensure equality of outcome. I wonder if the patients thus denied treatments are happy that their suffering is serving a higher purpose.

I think the principles and values of the NHS are rotten to the core.

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